Do I need singing experience?
You do not need to be an experienced singer to come on one of our Singing Holidays. In fact we love newbies and people who want to try out or develop. However, if you are new to singing then you may feel more comfortable on one of our Singing Retreats, Vintage Swing or Folk holidays as opposed to a Singing Break. Please contact us for more details if you’re feeling unsure.
What is the difference between a Break and a Retreat?
Singing Breaks a 5 night city breaks with a guest conductor and a performance at the end of your stay. As always we stay in exceptional accommodation. Everything but flights is included. Singing Retreats are always based in a beautiful rural location and combines bodywork (a mix of yoga and other disciplines), group singing and individual singing lessons. There is no performance at the end of the week. The holiday is focused on development, renewal, and relaxation. Retreats are generally longer (7 nights) and include everything but flights.
What sort of music do you sing?
We sing a variety of music from early sacred a cappella to vintage swing and folk.
How do I pay?
We will invoice you for both your deposit and final balance. Your holiday is reserved for 7 days post booking and permanently post deposit payment. Your final balance in due 7 weeks prior to departure.

You can pay for your singing holiday by:

Credit/Debit Card
BACS/Interbank transfer

What's included?
Absolutely everything is included except your flights to the destination airport and your drinks outside mealtimes. All transfers, tuition, accommodation, tickets to performances, meals (including wine) are included.

I'm coming from the USA
Great! We often have people from all around the world coming on our holidays (USA, Australia, the rest of Europe). The booking process is the same and you can pay for your holiday in your own currency. Please contact us if you still have questions.
What are the hotels like?
Our accommodation ranges from ‘delightful simple authenticity’ to ‘premium luxury’. Everywhere we stay is highly rated and fully vetted by us. We only choose small, family run or boutique accommodation. Bedrooms are always en suite and the customer service is second to none.
Terms & Conditions?
Please click here to view our Terms & Conditions or alternatively click on the link at the bottom of each page.
When can I buy my flights?
Once your singing holiday of choice is confirmed by us via email you can buy your flights to the destination airport. As written in our terms and conditions we will confirm your holiday no later than 8 weeks prior to departure however, in most case we can confirm many months before this date.

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