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"The best singing holidays in the world!"

Different types of Singing Holiday

Singing Holidays offer different types of exquisite music events from folk with The Unthanks to Music Theatre, Classical, North African Berber and, of course, luxury Singing Retreats. With each type of music holiday, we go to different areas & cities across Europe. We also go to Africa and America too!

During most of our holidays we delve deep into the music of our destination and collaborate with local artists. Singing Holidays isn’t just ‘a holiday’, it’s a unique and wonderful opportunity to understand diverse cultures through music and singing within a small group.

Typically our singing holidays run for 5-nights unless otherwise specified. Our Singing Retreats are the exception. They run for 7-nights and include individual voice and Yoga sessions as well as 4-hours of daily group workshops.

Fully inclusive

Every Singing Holiday we run is fully inclusive, meaning they’re suitable for newbies and experienced alike. Because we keep our groups small, we can really look after everyone individually making sure no one is left feeling out of their depth or flustered. Singing Holidays is 100% fun and 0% panic!

So, choosing a holiday is easy. If you like a particular genre or style then go for that one, or if you fancy trying something a bit different then the opportunity is there for you to mix it up a bit. Many of our Singing Holiday Makers enjoy numerous styles of music and come on a mix of holidays.

Small is beautiful

We think it’s the little things in life that matter the most. That’s why we only take small groups on our singing holidays. We want you to eat in tiny restaurants where mamma still cooks the food and stay in cosy, exquisite nests that feel like home.

We want you to get the maximum from every opportunity – from the incredibly talented professionals who teach you right through to the inspirational performance spaces that might otherwise be inaccessible.

A small group allows us to focus on the little details that can make all the difference and on you as an individual rather than just a face in the crowd. Most importantly though, a small group engenders a warmth and intimate connection between ‘friends’ who just LOVE to sing.

Luxury Singing Retreat

There is a certain holiday which is unlike all the others. Our Singing Retreats are for very small groups (from 8 – 12), and they are focused primarily on group and individual development. We stay in a private, luxury villa for 7-nights and sing for 3-hours each morning plus another hour in the evening.

There’s also yoga each morning before breakfast and individual sessions in the afternoon for both yoga and singing. It may sound a bit scary being in such a small group, but actually it’s the opposite. It’s like a warm, fluffy blanket of bliss where you feel safe and supported within a small group of like-minded people. This type of holiday sells out very quickly so if you’re interested in a Singing Retreat, contact us as early as possible.

Singing Workshop

Normally our singing workshops run for 3-hours and, like our holidays, we (Alex and Temi) are always there to make sure you get the most out of every moment. They’re like a mini Singing Holiday – all wrapped up in a bite-size chunk! To find out more about these events please check out our lastest singing workshops here or contact us for more info.

Last but not least

Singing Holidays are not stuffy and starchy, but fun and developmental. It’s all about the singing and the holiday (as the name suggests!) and having a great time with like-minded people who just love to sing.

Whatever singing holiday you choose, you can be sure of a cosseting and safe atmosphere where you’re truly looked after. Two passionate people run singing Holidays. We are not a big company run by many, so booking with us means you get just that, us (Alex and Témi). From the first contact right through to our sad farewells at the airport, we’ll be there to make sure you have the very best and most rewarding holiday imaginable.

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